Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Haloshield Odor Control Reusable Underpads

If urine odor is causing you embarrassment, then the perfect solution is Haloshield Odor Control Reusable Underpads, because they stop odor at the source in a matter of seconds! As an added benefit, you won't need to change your sheets on a daily basis or worry about the longevity of your mattress!

Haloshield Odor Control Reusable Underpads have a Stay Dry quilted brushed-polyester top layer so it feels dry and stays soft. Just below the top layer is the absorbent inner layer treated with the Haloshield Technology. When urine comes in contact with the treated fabric the odor is eliminated instantly! There is also a waterproof backing to keep your mattress clean and safe. 

Watch the video below to see first hand how Haloshield Technology works!

To clean and recharge your Haloshield Odor Control Reusable Underpad, just machine wash with chlorine bleach. The Haloshield Technology is designed to eliminate odors for hundreds of washes!

Pro Tip: Your Haloshield Odor Control Reusable Underpad should be washed with detergent and bleach only! Fabric softener (the liquid or the sheets) can clog the pores of any underpad making it less absorbent over time. Be sure to check the instructions for even more tips!

Haloshield Odor Control Reusable Underpads come in 5 different sizes to meet your needs. Our smallest is 23” by 36” which is great for a sofa or a spot just for you on your bed. If you have a twin or hospital size bed consider the 32” by 36” with Tuck-in Flaps. These flaps are designed to wrap under your mattress to help keep your underpad in place even if you toss or turn in your sleep. The 36" by 70” is our largest and best option for someone who would like the most coverage available.

Once you have determined which size would best meet your needs we recommend going with the Rule of 3. When you get three underpads at a time you will be able to have one on your mattress, one in the wash, and one of the shelf ready for when you need it next. In addition to being prepared, when you purchase a 3 pack of any size of the Haloshield Odor Control Reusable Underpads, you instantly save $10!

Haloshield Odor Control Reusable Underpads are especially great for caregivers that would rather spend time caring for their patients than washing sheets on a daily basis. They also make a great option to help turn patients to avoid pressure sores, and to help change soiled incontinence products.

Save time, stay dry, and feel confident knowing that you are protected with Haloshield Odor Control Reusable Underpads. Check us out at or call 1-800-269-4663 for your order today!