Monday, October 29, 2018

Safety Tips from HDIS: Bedroom Safety

HDIS values safety to the highest degree; so much so that we have adopted the philosophy of “people first, safety always.” This means that we keep safety in mind at every level of the business: from purchasing the safest products for our customers, following strict safety policies in our shipping facilities, and especially when we council our valued customers on what measures they can take to keep themselves safe in their very own homes! We asked our experts on our Customer Care Team what tips they thought were most important regarding tightening up bedroom and this is what they had to say:

“Often we hear that getting in and out of bed is hard for adults that are experiencing problems with mobility. If a customer calls in and mentions that this is something they have been dealing with, I like to recommend that they purchase a bedrail to provide more stability and support.”

“Whenever I speak to a customer about bedroom safety, I always ask if they have had their flooring or carpet inspected recently. Tripping hazards can be a real danger to everyone moving around the bedroom, and keeping tripping hazards to a minimum should be a priority for all.”

“Many of our customers rely on walkers to safely navigate the rooms in their house. We like to remind those that do to keep the paths in their bedrooms clear of clutter and to store their walker next to their bed at night for easy access.  Keeping the walkers nearby and the pathways clear make for easy travel from the bedroom to other areas in the house!”

“If a customer calls in and brings up frequent urination at night, I not only recommend overnight products to minimize the amount of trips to and from the bathroom but I also recommend a bedside commode or urinal to decrease their chances of incurring a fall while traveling to the bathroom. If the customer is more mobile, and doesn’t rely on help getting around the house, I will highly recommend putting extra light in the bedroom that can be used when getting out of bed and to the bathroom.”

Safety should be a priority in every home, and HDIS carries a wide variety of aids to daily living that can help prevent against accidents in every room of the house. Want to learn more? HDIS' friendly and knowledgeable customer care representatives are available to answer all of your questions. Give HDIS a call: 1-800-269-4663.

HDIS has been serving customers since 1986 with the sole purpose of making incontinence products convenient, affordable and less embarrassing to purchase. We do this by delivering high quality bladder control products right to your doorstep in discreet packaging. Get started today at, or contact a friendly and knowledgeable customer care representative at 1-800-269-4663.

Friday, October 26, 2018

What is a Personalized Delivery Plan and How Does it Benefit You?

HDIS' Personalized Delivery Plan (PDP) tackles two concerns for our customers: saving money and convenience.  There is no cost to start or keep the plan, and you will receive many benefits once you set up a PDP such as:

  • 5% Savings off of eligible products.
  • $8.00 (one-time) coupon instantly applied to your first PDP order.
  • Courtesy phone calls (by request) to inform you of your next delivery.
  • Ability to alter your plan in any way at any time.
  • No obligation!  You may cancel at any time.

Personalized Delivery Plan

How does it work?
Once you have identified a product that works for you, it would be beneficial to set up a PDP.  If you know that one case of 72 protective underwear lasts you for 6 weeks, our suggestion will be to place you on a 6 week schedule.  You will receive a 5% discount on the case, and a one-time $8.00 coupon applied to the first order.  You no longer have to call to order, and your case of products will arrive at your doorstep in a discreet box once every 6 weeks!

If you are unsure of the type of schedule you need, just let us know.  We will determine based on your order history, which schedule would fit you best.  

Still unsure? We can give you a call to inform you that your order is shipping soon.   At this time you can delay, confirm or make changes.   Like many of our customers, you may have more than one product that you order regularly. We can place multiple items on your Personalized Delivery Plan.  Your products can even be on different schedules.  If you need your skin cream every 8 weeks, and your protective underwear (pull-up style) every 6 weeks, we can schedule your products to arrive at different times.   No difficulty.  The scheduling for your PERSONALIZED DELIVERY PLAN will always be tailor-made for you.

The 5% discount is applied automatically to eligible products and quantities.  You won’t have to call to receive the discount, because your products are instantly priced to reflect the plan.  As long as you have the plan, you have the discount.   It really is that simple.   Your one-time $8.00 coupon works much the same way.  On your very first order when you sign up, the coupon is instantly applied to that order.   All of these benefits are at no cost to you.  You have the ability to make whatever changes are needed to suit you.  There is no obligation to remain in the plan, but we always encourage the plan for its savings and convenience.   You can spend more time enjoying the things you love to do, without having to remember to call us before you run out of products. 

Our friendly Customer Care Representatives are always happy to assist you!  We are ready to start the conversation about the best product for you, and how often you’ll need it.  Give us a call today at 1-800-269-4663. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

Monday, October 22, 2018

“Q&A: How Do I Know What Products Are Right for Me?”

Learning how to manage your incontinence can seem like an overwhelming task to those who are unfamiliar with the condition. Finding a good starting point on where to manage your incontinence can at first feel like finding a needle in a haystack; luckily, the knowledgeable and friendly staff at HDIS is a great resource to utilize at the beginning of your journey! We recently talked to one of the members on our CARE team and she shared some valuable insights on how to determine what products will best fit your needs.

According to our CARE expert, these are some great examples of questions you can ask yourself (or one of our highly trained CARE team members) to start:

Q: “Can you control you bladder leakage?”
A: “Usually, if the customer has heavy flow or leakage, I recommend a heavy or night-time product.”

Q: “Are you able to make it to the restroom?”
A: “If a customer can’t make it to the bathroom in time, I recommend heavy to overnight protection. This provides ultimate, around the clock protection. ”

Q: “Do you have a void when you sneeze or cough?”
A: “If sneezing and coughing are on the light side, I recommend a pad or a liner. These provide protection against light, occasional leakage.”

Q: “Are the products soaked after you drink something?”
A: “If a customer has an issue with heavy flow soon after fluid intake, I something from our heavy product line. Maybe a heavy pad, or the addition of a booster pad to a product that’s already being used.”
These questions are a good starting point to gauge the symptoms of incontinence you may be experiencing; however, for a more precise evaluation of the scope of your condition always be sure to make an appointment with your doctor. As you move forward in your journey towards managing your incontinence, please remember our CARE staff is always here to help with product recommendations and insight.

HDIS' friendly and knowledgeable customer care representatives are available to answer all of your questions. Give HDIS a call: 1-800-269-4663.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Welcome to HDIS!

An Introduction to HDIS:
Getting started with HDIS is quick and easy! We understand that incontinence is a sensitive matter, and we thank you for trusting HDIS. It takes trust to let someone into your private health matters, and we don’t take that lightly. HDIS Customer Care Representatives are trained to listen to your unique needs and offer the best solutions based on the information they receive. A Customer Care Representative will ask you about what products, if any, you are currently using, as well as how they are working for you.  If you are new to incontinence, we will ask you to provide a rundown of the symptoms you are experiencing. 

Finding the Right Solution:
After you provide information about your symptoms, an HDIS Customer Care Representative can offer you information about products that will help.  This may be in the form of a Protective Underwear (Pull ups) or a Brief (diaper-style underwear with tape tabs).  You will be asked about your preferences.    In some cases, a combination of a daytime and overnight protection may be the best option.   These are all questions your knowledgeable representative can explain and assist you with.  At HDIS, we have an assortment of products to bring you back to the active lifestyle you once enjoyed.  This is commonly referred to as “The Solution.”  This process is as unique as each customer.   We hang our hat on being able to provide not only the right product, but award winning customer service as well.  

More Than Just Incontinence:
For over 30 years, HDIS has enhanced the lives of our valued customers.  In addition to incontinence products, we also provide products for everyday living.   We can arrange for your products to be delivered on a scheduled basis, and we can even outfit you with a tray for your walker, non-skid slipper socks or a shower seat!   

We offer discreet free shipping.  The road to living worry free starts with our phone number: 1-800-269-4663.  HDIS Customer Care Representatives are eager to help you through this process.   Worry Less, Do More.  Talk to you soon!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Why Choose a Variety Pack?

HDIS offers a wide selection of products to accommodate all of our customers’ incontinence needs. Due to our wide assortment of products, it can be confusing and expensive for a customer to determine the best product for their unique situation. That is why HDIS has created variety packs
Variety packs include samples of incontinence products from many of our top of the line brands. For example, a “Light Pad Variety Pack” includes a light pad assortment of 10 different styles and features 5 different brands. There are 2 samples per product, so a customer can try out each style to find their perfect fit prior to purchasing in bulk. What may work for one of our valued customers may not work for others, and ordering our variety packs not only offers a good trial selection but is also cost efficient.
Here are some of our most popular Variety Packs:
The Booster Pad Variety Pack includes up to 2 of each of the following:
  • Reassure Moderate Booster Pads
  • Reassure Maximum Booster Pads
  • Tranquility Contour Topliner Booster Pads
  • Tranquility Topliner Pads
  • Reassure Cotton Comfort Liners
  • Dignity Super Duty Booster Pads
  • Dignity Double Duty Booster Pads
  • Dignity Extra Long Booster Pads
  • Attends Booster Pads
  • Dignity Doubler
  • PLUS Reassure Travel Pack Washcloth FREE SAMPLE
The Light Pad Variety Pack includes 2 of each of the following:
  • Reassure Light
  • Reassure Light Liner
  • Reassure Cotton Moderate
  • Prevail Very Light Pantiliner
  • Always Ultra-Thin Regular Pantiliners
  • Always Discreet Very Light Regular Pantiliners
  • Tena Active Ultra-Thin
  • Tena Active Ultra-Thin Long
  • Poise Light Pad
  • Poise Pantiliners
  • Poise Very Light Long Pantiliner
  • PLUS Reassure Travel Pack Washcloth FREE SAMPLE
The Men's Variety Pack includes up to 2 of each of the following:
  • Reassure Full-Rise Overnight Underwear
  • Reassure Maximum Underwear for Men
  • Reassure Daytime Underwear
  • Reassure Moderate Underwear
  • Abena Abri-Flex Underwear
  • Attends Advanced Underwear
  • Depend Adjustable Underwear
  • Depend Maximum Underwear for Men
  • MoliCare Mobile Underwear
  • TENA Super Plus Underwear for Men
  • TENA Extra Protective Underwear
  • Tranquility Premium Overnight Protective Underwear
  • Tranquility Premium Daytime Protective Underwear
  • PLUS Reassure® Travel Pack Washcloth FREE SAMPLE
Light to Moderate Protection.
The Heavy Protective Underwear Variety Pack includes up to 2 of each of the following:
  • Reassure Maximum Underwear for Women
  • Reassure Full-Rise Overnight Underwear
  • Reassure Daytime Underwear
  • Depend Maximum Underwear for Women
  • Depend Adjustable Underwear*
  • Tranquility Overnight Underwear
  • Tena Extra Underwear
  • Tena Super Plus Underwear for Women
  • Attends® Advanced Underwear
  • Molicare Mobile Underwear
  • Abena Abri-Flex Premium Underwear
  • Always Discreet Maximum Underwear
  • PLUS Reassure® Travel Pack Washcloth
*These products are not available in XL
HDIS has been serving customers since 1986 with the sole purpose of making incontinence products convenient, affordable and less embarrassing to purchase. We do this by delivering high quality bladder control products right to your doorstep in discreet packaging. Get started today at, or contact a friendly and knowledgeable customer care representative at 1-800-269-4663.

Friday, October 12, 2018

I'm a Caregiver: What Products Should I Keep On-Hand?

There are over 44 million caregivers in the United States that provide an average of 21 hours of care each week to the sick, disabled, and/or elderly. That means there are multitudes of people, both paid and unpaid, in the U.S tasked with overseeing their loved one’s basic care needs, and working with trained medical staff on how to properly address any health issues that may arise. Many caregivers are balancing their caregiving tasks with full-time careers.  Additionally, most have a solid knowledge base of health products and daily living aids in order to be prepared for whatever situation may arise. So, what are some examples of products that an experienced caregiver should keep in their arsenal? Let’s break the necessities down by need:

·         Bathing

o   Shampoo Tray- this tray is contoured to fit a neck comfortably and rest on shoulders for easy shampooing in seated position.

o   Bedside Care Body Wash- this product boasts to be a complete bath in a bottle. No rinsing needed! This product is perfect for sensitive skin, and is an all-body wash and incontinent cleanser.

o   Comfort Shampoo Cap- this product cleans and softens hair without the mess and aggravation of traditional methods. This fabric-lined cap effectively removes EEG gel, blood, iodine, and more to leave hair clean and fresh.

o   No-Rinse Bathing Wipes- these alcohol-free wipes are enriched with aloe and lanolin, to clean and deodorize, for a complete bath experience.

o   Bath Seat with Back and Arms- this bath seat is constructed of heavy duty molded plastic, with an aluminum anodized frame. Comes complete with skid resistant rubber tips along with push button release removable arms and back.  

o   Grab Bar- this product will add security and stability to any spot in your home and help you get around, sit or stand.

·         Incontinence

o   Reassure Overnight Underwear- one of our most absorbent underwear with complete overnight protection for a restful night of sleep.

o   Always Discreet Maximum Pads- protects against moderate bladder leaks and make your overactive bladder feel like no big deal. 

o   Reassure Booster Pads, Moderate- this product is designed to wear in addition to your primary absorbent garment. They are ultra-thin for greater comfort. 

o   Rubber Pant- Reassure Rubber Pants help to hold pads or briefs in place and keep clothing dry.

o   Reassure Premium Underpads with Tape- the unique design of the Reassure Premium Underpads with Tapes makes them ideal for a good night's rest.  Wide adhesive strips keep the underpad in place throughout the night. 

o   Janibell Akord Slim Disposal System- the Janibell Akord Slim Disposal System locks in odors to keep things smelling fresh. Perfect for home use or in assisted living or nursing home settings, the Akord Slim’s elegant design looks attractive in any room.

·         Daily Living

o   Dignity Mealtime Protector- this reusable protector is easy to wash and helps protect clothing during mealtime.

o   Safety Treads- this product helps provide safe traction in tubs, on bathroom floors, on stairs, or anywhere that there is a danger of slipping.

o   Large Print Playing Cards with Holder- great for people with pain and/or limited use of their hands. Most find using this holder much easier than trying to hold multiple cards in one hand. The slot is designed so that cards can be easily added or removed. Also holds Mah-Jongg tiles, recipes, or memos.

o   MyID Hive Bracelet- this product is the easiest way to access, store and manage your health information.

These products are just some examples of products that help caregivers provide quality care for those under their supervision. There are plenty of other products and aids that can be found on that can supplement an established care plan created uniquely for your patient’s needs.  Not only is a caregiver responsible for assisting with basic care needs, they are also an integral part of providing companionship and helping to maintain their loved one’s home. These points may seem trivial to those not in need of personal caregiving services, but mean the world to those who need a little extra help on a day-to-day basis. HDIS knows that caregivers face monumental pressures to properly serve those in their care, we hope you’ll visit us at for additional blogs, resources and insights on how to face those challenges ahead!

HDIS' friendly and knowledgeable customer care representatives are available to answer all of your questions and provide product counseling. Give HDIS a call: 1-800-269-4663. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What is a Booster Pad?

Booster pads are designed to be worn in addition to your primary absorbent garment. They fit comfortably inside of protective underwear and briefs, and they also fit on top of regular pads. Booster pads provide an additional layer of protection and offer a unique, flow-through design. Multiple booster pads can be layered together for added protection. Since booster pads do not feature a plastic backing, it is crucial to wear these products inside or on top of your regular absorbent product. Booster pads should never be worn alone.

Booster pads can also help customers save money! Wearing a booster pad on top of a regular absorbent product will extend the life of the main garment, since the user would change the booster pad instead of the primary absorbent garment. Booster pads cost less than regular pads, protective underwear and briefs, so they allow customers to save money!

Booster pads also help customers save money on overnight coverage. Once customers find their perfect fit pull-up for the day, it can be frustrating to find another more absorbent version to last all night long. By using a booster pad, customers can wear their favorite garment and add a booster pad on top, instead of purchasing multiple types of main products.   

Finally, booster pads are very convenient! Customers who wear booster pads on top of their regular absorbent product can easily go on lunch dates and to doctor appointments.  When using a public restroom, it is much easier to change a booster pad than to take off protective underwear, which requires the removal of shoes and pants. Customers can stay dry and comfortable, and easily enjoy a day out! 

There are many varieties of booster pads, which can make it confusing for customers to know which product to purchase. HDIS offers a Booster Pad Variety Pack so customers can try out several different brands and products to find the one that best meets their needs. A Booster Pad Variety Pack is an easy and inexpensive way to find the perfect product. 

For customers' with sensitive skin, the Reassure brand offers a hypoallergenic booster pad, made without any harsh chemicals, inks or dyes. The Reassure Premium Cotton Comfort Liner features an ultra-thin core technology infused with generous amounts of Gel-dry polymer that provides greater absorption and locks away wetness and odors. 

If you would like additional product counseling, HDIS' friendly and knowledgeable customer care representatives are available to answer all of your questions. Give HDIS a call: 1-800-269-4663. 

Monday, October 8, 2018

How can I save money on my incontinence products?

HDIS offers multiple ways to save money!

Personalized Delivery Plans (PDP):
First, if you need HDIS products on an ongoing basis, you can enjoy the convenience of scheduled deliveries with our Personalized Delivery Plan (PDP).  When you sign up for PDP, you save $8 on your first order plus 5% on every order.*
You can set up a delivery schedule according to your needs, and you can change your schedule, cancel a delivery, or add or delete products from your order at any time to suit your needs. You may also cancel your plan at any time without penalty.
Your delivery schedule is whatever works for you. For example, you might choose to receive a delivery every 2 weeks, every 45 days, or every 2 months. Once you sign up, we'll automatically ship your products to you at the appropriate time. If you create a web account, you will be able to modify your PDP order online and you will be able to check your next scheduled delivery date.
With our Personalized Delivery Plan, you won't have to remember to reorder. Plus, you'll also get a special 5% off our regular, low, "buy-by-the-case" prices.

*The 5% discount is not available on all products, or on all package sizes. 

How do I get started?
Getting started is fast and easy! You can set up a delivery schedule when you add any eligible product to your shopping cart. Simply check the box next to "Schedule & Save" and choose your delivery schedule. You can modify your schedule at any time by signing in to your website account or by calling one of our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Representatives at 1-800-269-4663. There is no obligation and you can cancel anytime.

Buy by the Case:
Another way to save money is to buy by the case. Instead of buying multiple bags of your products, choose a case quantity and save up to 30% compared to bag prices. 

Sign Up for Exclusive Offers:
A final way to save money is to sign up for our email promotions. Each week, we send out offers to help you save money on your favorite brands!

Sign up for exclusive savings in the footer of our website:

Shop online at! Or, give us a call: 1-800-269-4663. Our customer care team is available to help you Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-7pm, Friday from 8:30am-5pm and on Saturday from 8:30am-2pm. Enjoy free shipping on any order, large or small!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Incontinence 101

The stigma associated with incontinence is often much worse than the actual physical condition. Some would rather stay home than risk the embarrassment of having an accident in front of friends and family. Roughly one third of men and women in the U.S. suffer from the, somewhat erratic, symptoms that accompany incontinence with little understanding of how to manage it. Fortunately, those who struggle with this condition do have potential solutions available to them to help manage their symptoms. Many people are able to take control of their lives and symptoms by employing a few lifestyle changes and also finding incontinence aids that fit their health needs. 

New to incontinence? Let HDIS help guide you through this stage of life.
Let’s start with the basics: What is incontinence? Incontinence is a medical condition that affects the bladder and its muscles and nerves that control urine flow. Did you know that there are five different types of incontinence? Those types are:

         Stress incontinence
o   This type is caused by any activity or exercise that inadvertently puts pressure on your bladder and causes urine leakage (i.e. a sneeze, cough, laugh, or even exercise)
         Urge Incontinence
o   Commonly referred to as overactive bladder (OAB), this type is leakage that follows a strong and sudden urge to go
         Mixed incontinence
o   Aptly named, this type is a combination of both stress and urge incontinence 
         Overflow incontinence
o   More commonly experienced by men, overflow incontinence occurs when one is unable to fully empty their bladder and later on experiences leakage once the bladder is full again
         Functional incontinence
o   Happens when a medical condition, like arthritis, keeps you from getting to the bathroom in time

Where do I begin my journey to manage my symptoms?
         Talk to your doctor!
o   This is the first step towards fully understanding how incontinence affects you, and how to navigate through daily life with this condition.
         Understand how to take care of the area.
o   Many people aren’t fully aware of how important it is to keep areas affected by incontinence dry and clean. By neglecting proper care, those working towards managing incontinence could leave themselves open to area discomfort or even infection.
         Monitor and limit excessive fluid intake.
o   By employing monitoring and limiting methods for daily fluid consumption, persons begin to “retrain” their bladders to adhere to a new voiding schedule.  A good rule of thumb for limiting fluid consumption is to avoid taking in fluids after 6 p.m. to decrease nighttime incidents.
         Reach and maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise.
o   Working on personal health and fitness goals can also do wonders for easing incidents tied to incontinence. By working toward a healthy weight and BMI, the muscles of the pelvic floor will see less stress being put on the liver.
         Talk to a professional about physical therapy and how doing exercises at home can help build up pelvic floor strength.
o   By strengthening pelvic floors, and corresponding muscles, those afflicted with incontinence can potentially see less unexpected incidents. Many healthcare professionals recommend Kegel exercises to help with strengthening these muscles. 

What kind of products can help manage incontinence?
o   These products are paired with regular underwear for moderate, on-the-go protection. Pads, liners, and beltless incontinence products are often used for light leakage and minimum absorbency.
o   Many individuals prefer protective underwear for the product’s ease and leak protection. Protective underwear provides an alternative to products that are often bulky and plastic-based.
·         Briefs (with tape tabs)
o   Similar to the protective underwear, this product aids in leak protection with the added benefit of tabs for removal. This product is great for overnight protection.
o   This product is used for maximum absorbency. The booster pad is inserted into the protective underwear or brief for extended leak protection; often for overnights and periods of long travel.

Incontinence should not be looked upon as a disgraceful condition. It is a physical disorder that can be treated and frequently cured with the right medical help. If you are incontinent, you should see your doctor about specific treatments that might benefit you. We encourage you to check out our “New Customer Specials” for the greatest deals on incontinence products.

HDIS has been serving customers since 1986 with the sole purpose of making incontinence products convenient, affordable and less embarrassing to purchase. We do this by delivering high quality bladder control products right to your doorstep in discreet packaging. Get started today at, or contact a friendly and knowledgeable customer care representative at 1-800-269-4663.