Friday, February 19, 2016

Home Care Tips for your Elderly Loved Ones

Home Care Tips for Elderly Loved Ones 
By Jennifer B. Buckley

If you are caring for an elderly loved one at home, you should make them as comfortable and safe as possible. This can reduce stress for you, as well as, your loved-one. The more secure your loved-one feels, the less the likelihood of them becoming confused, aggressive, or agitated. There are simple, little changes you can make to ensure a heightened level of contentment for your loved-one.
    Buy a small, lightweight pitcher. Keep it filled with water at all times in a convenient place for your loved-one to get at. Remind them periodically about drinking plenty of water and where the pitcher of water is located. Staying adequately hydrated can ward off a number of different ailments like headaches, sleeplessness, and appetite suppression. It’s great for overall health and well being.

    Avoid placing a lot of mirrors around your home. Mirrors can seem confusing for elderly people because they may not recognize their own reflection. Also, walking up to a mirror can startle or confuse them. If you like to have mirrors in your home, buy smaller mirrors and hang them relatively high on the walls. This is to prevent your loved one from seeing their reflection.

    Use large dials and number pads. If your loved one enjoys watching television, buy a remote with large numbers. If your loved one can still use the phone, make sure the keypad has oversized numbers. Also, place digital clocks around your home because they are easier for your loved one to read. This will keep them from getting frustrated with trying to read the traditional three-hand clocks.

    Buy your loved-one’s clothing in basic colors like black, tan, white, cream and green. This will make it easier for them to pick out their own outfit. In addition, place all their shirts on one side of the closet and shorts, pants and skirts on the other side. Take any clothes they haven’t chosen to wear in a while out of their closet and keep them in another closet or box.  
It is better for your loved one to make as many decisions as possible. This helps them to feel in control and a sense of importance. The main thing is to limit choices, too many can be confusing and overwhelming.

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