Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Dear Mary...

"I am a caregiver and do so much laundry! Do you have anything that can go on beds in case accidents happen?"

-W.J., Kansas City, KS

Absolutely! We offer bed and chair pads that are disposable and others that are reusable (washable).  I know you are not looking for more laundry, but sometimes throwing a pad in the wash is much easier than a load of sheets!

We have several disposable pads, from manufacturers such as Reassure, Tranquility and Depend in multiple sizes. Some are designed for beds and others for chairs. Some have tape tabs to help prevent shifting - a common problem if your loved one moves around a lot in bed.

A few reusable, washable varieties are also available in several sizes, including HaloShield and CareFor products.

HDIS also offers a newer product that is quite popular, called Peelaway Bed Sheets.  These are great for caregivers and moms. The sheets go on like regular fitted sheets and are really like five sheets in one, with a waterproof layer on each, keeping your mattress clean and dry. If leakage or an accident occurs, simply peel away a layer and a clean sheet is already on the bed waiting.

We have talked to and helped so many caregivers over the years and many of us have been caregivers ourselves. We understand that little things, like laundry, can really bog down everyday life and we've searched for products to help.

Please give us a call to discuss the needs of your loved one at 1-800-269-4663.


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