Monday, September 22, 2014

Preventing Nighttime Falls

Here are some tips to prevent nighttime falls:

1.  Stay current on eye exams.  Keep your glasses on a nightstand by your bed within an arm’s reach.

2.  Increase lighting in your bedroom.  Install nightlights in your bedroom, bathroom and hallways.

3.  De-Clutter Traffic Areas.  Make sure you have clear paths that are free of tripping hazards.  If you have area rugs, make sure they have nonslip backing and lay flat on the floor.

4.  Install bed railings and grab bars for extra support in your bedroom and bathroom.

5.  In case of an emergency, keep a phone, lamp and flashlight on a nightstand within an arm’s reach.

6.  Wear slippers or socks with traction to prevent slipping.

7.  If you use a mobility aid such as a cane or walker, keep it close to you during nighttime hours.

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