Monday, May 1, 2017

Three Ways to Save with HDIS!

HDIS always puts the customer first, especially when it comes to helping customers save money! What follows are three easy ways to save money on your purchases with HDIS.

Weekly Email Subscription

Our free, weekly emails are sent out at least once per week. These emails contain special offers on various products ranging from incontinence products to personal care and more. Inside each email will be a coupon code to be used on your next online purchase at Historically, these offers have included money off a purchase of certain brands or products. To sign up for our weekly email offers, go to and scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Sign Up For Exclusive Savings.”

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Also, check out our past blog posts for more special offers and coupon codes! You can also request a free HDIS catalog with over $55 in coupons included.

Personalized Delivery  Plan

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Personalized Delivery Plans (PDP) are perfect for customers who are purchasing products that they plan to use on a regular basis.. Ordering from HDIS is easy, but it is even easier (and more cost efficient) to not have to order at all. With PDP, you will still be receiving the products you need, but on a scheduled delivery pattern that is completely customizable by you! First time PDP users receive $8 off their first order and subsequently receive  5% off every order after that. So now, not only has the process of ordering the same product over and over been eliminated, but money has also been saved in the process Learn more about PDP here!


As HDIS continues to grow and expand, so does our selection of wonderful products. This has allowed us to bundle items together and pass the savings along to the customer. Our Deluxe Personal Assistance Kit is an $88 value when sold separately, but when bundles it is only $49.99! The Reassure Essentials Bundle saves customers over $10 compared to the price of the items sold separately. Not only are bundles more affordable, they are convenient and effective! Instead of going through the hassle of emptying your wallet and adding several items to your cart, all you have to do is add the bundle, checkout, and save! Check out our wonderful bundling opportunities!

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