Friday, October 19, 2018

Welcome to HDIS!

An Introduction to HDIS:
Getting started with HDIS is quick and easy! We understand that incontinence is a sensitive matter, and we thank you for trusting HDIS. It takes trust to let someone into your private health matters, and we don’t take that lightly. HDIS Customer Care Representatives are trained to listen to your unique needs and offer the best solutions based on the information they receive. A Customer Care Representative will ask you about what products, if any, you are currently using, as well as how they are working for you.  If you are new to incontinence, we will ask you to provide a rundown of the symptoms you are experiencing. 

Finding the Right Solution:
After you provide information about your symptoms, an HDIS Customer Care Representative can offer you information about products that will help.  This may be in the form of a Protective Underwear (Pull ups) or a Brief (diaper-style underwear with tape tabs).  You will be asked about your preferences.    In some cases, a combination of a daytime and overnight protection may be the best option.   These are all questions your knowledgeable representative can explain and assist you with.  At HDIS, we have an assortment of products to bring you back to the active lifestyle you once enjoyed.  This is commonly referred to as “The Solution.”  This process is as unique as each customer.   We hang our hat on being able to provide not only the right product, but award winning customer service as well.  

More Than Just Incontinence:
For over 30 years, HDIS has enhanced the lives of our valued customers.  In addition to incontinence products, we also provide products for everyday living.   We can arrange for your products to be delivered on a scheduled basis, and we can even outfit you with a tray for your walker, non-skid slipper socks or a shower seat!   

We offer discreet free shipping.  The road to living worry free starts with our phone number: 1-800-269-4663.  HDIS Customer Care Representatives are eager to help you through this process.   Worry Less, Do More.  Talk to you soon!

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